Design Custom Wristbands for your Event

Why Should You Have Custom-Designed Wristbands for Your Event?

Wristbands have quickly become much more than just a solution to managing guest admissions. With advances in textiles and printing technology, custom-designed wristbands can be an elegantly simple yet inexpensive way to spread brand awareness. If you’re still on the fence about investing a little more in wristbands and are wondering if it really is worth it, this article will help to give you more insight into all of the options available to you so that you can make an educated (and profitable!) decision.

A practical alternative to paper tickets, wristbands can be used to quickly and efficiently present proof of admission to any event. Gone are the days of stressed staff members trying to scan damaged ticket barcodes as they watch the queues steadily grow longer! In addition, you can custom design wristbands to boldly display your brand, whether it be your logo, your company colours in eye-catching designs, or catchy phrases on longer-lasting wristbands (i.e. silicone) that can be used as an environmentally or politically conscious statement; think Livestrong bracelets. 

You can even take advantage of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, a great way to offer cashless payments and greatly reduce waiting times while efficiently controlling entry. Plus, a well-designed wristband will offer your guests social media moments to help you advertise your brand to even more potential customers!

There Are a Myriad of Materials You Can Choose From to Best Fit Your Event and the Function of Your Wristbands. Here Are Some of Your Choices:

Tyvek Wristbands

  • Tyvek is a water-resistant material best used for short-term use. An improvement from the cheaper paper-based wristbands that easily tear, Tyvek is a highly resistant material manufactured out of high-density polyethylene fibres. Tyvek wristbands offer a secure solution for controlling entrance as once the wristband is put on by placing the adhesive end on the surface of the band, and it is difficult to tamper the seal without causing damage to the wristband. A low-cost alternative, you can still custom design your Tyvek wristband to include your logo or brand colours.

Cloth Wristbands

  • Woven cloth wristbands are best for festivals, conferences, or other multi-day events that are brand conscious but not overly focused on minimizing expenses, as they do tend to run a bit more expensive. High-quality, longer-lasting, woven cloth wristbands are incredibly comfortable, water-resistant, stretch-resistant, and can come with a tamper-proof locking mechanism to ensure security. Sometimes referred to as fabric wristbands or festival wristbands, woven cloth wristbands can be custom designed to showcase your logo or brand slogans, allowing you to attractively market your brand.
  • Printed cloth wristbands are very similar to woven cloth wristbands, with the main difference being in the printing process. The production of printed cloth wristbands uses a sublimation printing process with a higher graphic resolution that creates a smoother satin-like feel and look. Printed cloth wristbands can also be fitted with tamper-proof locking mechanisms to ensure security.

Plastic Wristbands

  • Plastic wristbands are the best option for outdoor events, especially waterparks or in any situation where guests may get wet. Being plastic, these wristbands resist prolonged exposure to the elements and can be worn for extended periods without any damage. Plastic wristbands are fastened using a one-way locking clip to ensure security. While comfortable and durable, depending on quantity and intricacy of design, production time may take upwards of two weeks. It is important to note that plastic can become pliable when exposed to a heat source, allowing the user to remove the wristband.

Vinyl Wristbands

  • Vinyl wristbands are a bit more expensive than plastic ones, but they are much more durable and comfortable. Given their durability, vinyl wristbands are a great printing option for longer events spread over various days and can come customized with your logo or any text that you may require. Vinyl wristbands can also include pull tabs to include things like drink tickets directly onto your event entry wristband.

Silicone Wristbands

  • Silicone wristbands are also known as gel bracelets and have a long history of popularity, thanks to Lance Armstrong and his Livestrong bracelets. Highly customizable, silicone wristbands offer a wide variety of design choices. 
  • Debossed is the classic style popularized by the Livestrong bracelet, where the surface of the wristband is engraved using lasers. Debossed silicone wristbands tend to last longer and are relatively simple to mass-produce. You even have the option to fill the engraved spaces with ink (deboss-printed technique), adding another layer of attention-grabbing contrast.
  • Embossed printing is the inverse of the debossed technique, giving your design an eye-catching, raised, 3D effect. And as with its inverse, you can get your silicone wristbands embossed-filled, where the ink highlights the raised design, making it look more 3D! Yet another option would be to print directly onto the silicone wristband, and since it doesn’t require any specific moulding, this option is one of the most cost-effective to produce.

As You Can See, You Have a Lot of Options. Choosing the Material for Your Event Wristband Is Just the First Step!

Depending on your material of choice, you can customize your design, making a more personalized wristband that will not only be practical and functional, but you can also take advantage of this great marketing opportunity. Cleverly incorporating your brand and/or brand message into the design of your event wristband will help you create and spread brand awareness! Music festivals, for example, use beautifully designed wristbands and lanyards to create social media moments, and sites like Instagram are flooded with photos of #wristbandselfies.

Designing Is Easy!

Even if you aren’t a graphic designer, a wealth of online apps (like Canva) offer free and paid templates for nearly any design project you may have. Alternatively, sites like myZone offer design services at no extra cost. It’s as simple as emailing a few graphics of what you would like on your wristband (i.e. your logo), then proofing and approving templates generated using your graphics. Once approved, your wristbands are sent for manufacturing and delivered straight to your doorstep within days. Easy peasy!

So, What Are the Pros and Cons of Custom-Designed Wristbands?

The list of pros is quite clear. Custom-designed wristbands efficiently control entries and exits, increase brand awareness, reduce paper waste, and offer cashless payments. This greatly reduces wait times, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and sales! And now the cons, or rather con, singular, because we could only think of one. Custom-designed wristbands are more expensive than traditional paper tickets, and depending on the material you choose, they can be considerably more expensive. However, it is important to note that an initial wristband investment can lead to greater rewards in the long run. Custom-designed wristbands pay for themselves and then some!