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Improve networking and foster connections with MyZone’s exceptional name tag printing service for events no matter where you are in Canada. Name tags are more than identification; they’re a simple yet impactful way to facilitate introductions and elevate attendee engagement.

MyZone’s name tag printing ensures clear visibility and professionalism. With crisp typography and vibrant colours, your attendees’ names and affiliations are showcased prominently, making interactions smoother and more memorable.

Choose from various sizes, materials, and designs to match your event’s theme and branding perfectly. Whether you’re hosting a conference, seminar, or trade show, name tags ensure a personalized touch that makes a lasting impression.

From concept to delivery, MyZone ensures a seamless process for your custom name tags. Enhance event organization and participant interaction with name tags that blend functionality and aesthetics effortlessly. Count on MyZone for solutions that make networking both efficient and impactful.

Great for reunions, trade shows, conferences, and more.

  • Clearly display your name, logo, and organization
  • Easily handwrite names on smooth, matte stock

Product Specs

  • 3.43" x 1.93" / 1028 x 579 pixels
  • 3.54" x 2.05" / 1063 x 614 pixels
  • Finished artwork extend to fill the full bleed area to avoid white edges around.


Price per unit.

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