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Increase your brand’s visibility and eco-consciousness simultaneously. Give customers, clients or guests an end-to-end experience with our custom paper bags anywhere in Canada. And with a starting quantity of just 25, you’ll never find yourself with excess inventory taking up space or not being used. 

Look no further than MyZone’s premium paper bag printing services! We are your one-stop destination for crafting stylish, sustainable, eye-catching paper bags that showcase your brand’s values and leave a lasting impression.

At MyZone, we understand that each client’s needs are unique and pride ourselves on delivering tailor-made solutions. Whether you require small quantities or bulk orders, our printing technology ensures high-quality results that flawlessly capture your brand’s essence. We offer a wide range of paper bag sizes, colours, and designs, allowing you to customize every aspect of your promotional product to fit your branding vision.

Design tips for paper bags
• Keep your design simple – too many elements can be overwhelming.
• Make your logo big and bold for instant recognition.
• Darker colours look sharper on both paper options.

Product Specs

  • 7.5" x 3.1" x 8.3"
  • 170 x 45 mm / 2008 x 531 pixels


Available in increments of 25 only. Price per band.

    • $2.84
    • $2.70
    • $2.43
    • $2.43
    • $2.43
    • $2.43

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